2019/2020 Perry Harrison Teachers & Staff

This is a complete list of all faculty and staff at Perry Harrison Elementary.  For more details, including their favorites, click on each grade link below!



  1. Mrs. Amy Doty - Principal
  2. Dr. John Heath - Assistant Principal
  3. Ms. Marian Taylor - Assistant Principal
  4. Ms. Tokae Washington - School Treasurer
  5. Ms. Rebecca Johnson - Student Information Manager


  1. Ms. Rebecca Hatcher / Ms. Donna Meyer (Teacher Assistant)
  2. Ms. Jennifer Ruff / Ms. Peaches McIntyre (Teacher Assistant)


  1. Ms. Chris Frew
  2. Ms. Melissa Hodge (lead teacher)
  3. Ms. Mandi Holmberg
  4. Ms. Maura McKeon
  5. Ms. Beth Mitchell
  6. Ms. Julie Morgan
  7. Ms. Jameka Pinnix
  8. Ms. Ronda Teta

1st Grade

  1. Ms. Debbie Bitting
  2. Ms. Ellen Earixson
  3. Ms. Blaire Easterling
  4. Ms. Crystal Keeley
  5. Ms. Emily Langdon (lead teacher)
  6. Ms. Emily Pruckno
  7. Ms. Amanda Velleco

2nd Grade

  1. Ms. Lisa Hooker-Smith
  2. Ms. Michelle Mann
  3. Ms. Taylor Prickett
  4. Ms. Natalie Shaner (lead teacher)
  5. Ms. Amy Staley
  6. Ms. Stephanie Wegrzyn
  7. Ms. Jennifer Vazquez

3rd Grade

  1. Ms. Heather Bearman (lead teacher)
  2. Ms. Christy LeJarre
  3. Ms. Laura Lloyd (3/4 combo)
  4. Ms. Gin Munoz
  5. Ms. Anjelica Nouman
  6. Ms. Jennifer Tuite
  7. Ms. Amy Womble
  8. Ms. Larisa Smith-Cortes

4th Grade

  1. Ms. Mary Ellen Biechele
  2. Ms. Stephanie Davies
  3. Ms. Ashley Long
  4. Ms. Brandy Varner (lead teacher)
  5. Ms. Megan Runion (4/5 combo)
  6. Ms. Laura Lloyd (3/4 combo)

5th Grade

  1. Mr. Wyatt Floyd
  2. Ms. Altangla Harrison
  3. Ms. Jennifer Hawkins (lead teacher)
  4. Ms. Sara Knight
  5. Ms. Sherri Register
  6. Ms. Megan Runion (4/5 combo)


rotating instructional assistants

  • Ms. Jennifer Glosson
  • Ms. Elizabeth Peele
  • Ms. Doris Gilmore
  • Ms. Christy Moore
  • Ms. Amy Phillips
  • Ms. Jamella Smith
  • Ms. Tia Edwards
  • Ms. Liz Hamm
  • Ms. Kristin Tinnen
  • Ms. Joann Habron
  • Ms. Aaron Varner
  • Kim Vickers
  • Ms. Charlene Washington
  • Ms. Lori Kleberg
  • Rebecca Poletti
  • Theresa Baker

Specials Teachers

  • Ms. Abby Drechsler, Art

  • Ms. Victoria Sylvestre, Art

  • Ms. Leann Munoz, Guidance
  • Ms. Brianna Kelly, Guidance

  • Ms. Melanie Spell, Media

  • Mr. David Smith, Music
  • Ms. Diana Bowling, Physical Education
  • Ms. Miroslava Budlong, Physical Education


student Support Teachers

  • Ms. Carlie Bowman, AIG
  • Ms. Dana Griffin, AIG
  • Ms. Dianna Poindexter, AIG
  • Ms. Donna Stevenson, Reading Specialist
  • Ms. Rhonda Batten, Reading Specialist
  • Ms. Christina Lowman, Curriculum Coach
  • Ms. Terri Fannin, EC
  • Ms. Lisa Kaufman, EC
  • Ms. Mary Lantz, EC
  • Ms. Genevieve Guibert, ESL
  • Ms. Nancy Lepine, Speech Language
  • Ms. Kayly Lindley, Nurse
  • Ms. Cassandra Millman, Social Worker


MORE School Support

  • Ms. Brenda Caverly, Cafeteria Manager
  • Ms. Beth Ellis, Custodian
  • Mr. David McKnight, Custodian
  • Ms. Rita Ellis, Custodian
  • Mr. Ronnie Gilmore, Custodian


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