Ms. Ellen Earixson

Ms. Jennifer Vazquez






Ms. Ellen Earixson 


Parent Reps: Heather Boone



FAVORITES for Ms. Earixson


Birthday:  June 4
Teaching Anniversary:  January 2017
What makes me smile: All of the wonderful (and sometimes weird) things that first graders say
Favorite color: Green, purple, blue
Favorite hobby: Rollerblading, reading, and baking!
Favorite school supply: Flair felt tip pens
Favorite flower: Daisies + Sunflowers
Favorite sports team:  Green Bay Packers, St. Paul Saints
Favorite breakfast treat: Donuts!
Favorite candy: Anything chocolate
Favorite drink:  Coffee
Favorite snack:  Potato chips (all flavors)
Favorite dessert:  Cheesecake
Favorite store:  Target
Favorite restaurants:  Anything asian (chinese, thai, indian)
Favorite place to go: Anywhere! (Especially Minnesota)




Ms. Jennifer Vazquez


Parent rep: Avis Bell



Birthday:  Nov. 6
What makes me smile:  My students!
Favorite color:  Pink
Favorite hobby:  Reading
Favorite school supply:  Poster paper/markers
Favorite flower:  Pink carnations
Favorite sports team:  NC State
Favorite breakfast treat:  Cream cheese danish or muffins
Favorite candy:  Reeses
Favorite drink:  Cheerwine
Favorite snack:  Bambas Peanut snacks
Favorite dessert:  Chocolate cupcakes
Favorite store:  Amazon
Favorite restaurants:  Tropical Smoothie Cafe, Jimmy Johns
Favorite place to go:  The pool


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