3/13/2018 - School Improvement Team Summary:


This month the team spent time evaluating instruction modes in literacy and math. They felt overall that across the school each grade level was successfully using a variety of components and presenting a variety of opportunities to students, especially in math.


Other business items discussed were as follows:

  • EOG preparation - possibilities for assisting grades 3-5 with EOG prep

  • Boosterthon** – see discussion highlights below

  • Campus Saftey – parents and visitors checking in at the office; people accessing campus via the

    soccer fields and bus lot playgrounds;

**Boosterthon Discussion:


One area of discussion revolved around staff feedback for school fundraising efforts – Boosterthon. The options to reduce outsourced support and increase pledged profit was discussed. The major concern was that reduction of external support would increase the work load on staff and take away from instruction time. Staff would be required to receipt and log incoming funds, email updates, administer nightly challenges, log, organize and distribute prizes, etc. The campaign would run for 9 days and would need additional volunteers daily. The hope would be to conduct the campaign early in September for 2018. Staff will take the discussion to their teams for feedback.


The team also discussed ideas (professional development and technology) for how to spend the money raised during Boosterthon for the 2018-19 school year.

 2/13/2018 - School Improvement Team Summary:
The February meeting focused on behavioral expectations and discipline support. Staff discussed how to model and teach those behaviors as well as school wide incentives and new recognition opportunities within each grade level. Staff agreed that they would like to see the Responsive Classroom Model explored for the 2018-19 school year.
Other business items discussed were as follow:


• $26,000 was raised from the American Heart Association Jump Rope for Heart campaign

1/9/2018 - School Improvement Team Summary:


Pre and post test intervention and enrichment was the focus for this month’s meeting. Each grade level has been developing pretests in literacy, math and science. All agreed that they needed to continue to work on pre-assessments in social studies and more time was needed to make additional subject assessments. Data from these assessment helps teachers develop guided classroom groups.


Other business items discussed were as follows:


• Administrators have been making classroom walk-throughs and are pleased with the conversations and dialogues happening in classrooms about subject matter being taught.