Bare Roots Winter Planting Day


December 2019



A new project we are undertaking this year, part of the school’s overall beautification effort, is to implement a bare roots planting day in December (date TBD). This project, which is in partnership with the Country Farm Store, is a long-term, inexpensive, and efficient way to fill in landscapes using native plants. Even better? It also provides our students with new, hands-on learning opportunities. See below for possible curriculum tie-ins.


To make way for new native plants, we must first remove existing plants and prep new beds that will remain unused until December. Everything will be in beautiful full bloom come Spring. Signage will be placed in these areas highlighting the project and it's stages. 


Maura Dillon, the PHS parent leading this initiative, is working with Hillary at the Country Farm Store to research and choose the specific plant types. Each of the plants selected will require little to no maintenance and will flourish over the months and years to come. What we plant now will help nourish the soil for future gardening efforts with a goal of creating some pretty amazing installations at very limited costs.



Front of School:

  • Tar Heel Turf will remake the bed around the sign closest to the road. They will remove all the plants except for the five crepe myrtles.
    • We will the install a layer of cardboard, 50/50 compost/topsoil, and mulch from Country Farm Store (cardboard kills weeds and nourishes soil) .
  • Tar Heel Turf is going to create a planting bed around the sign at the school entrance and merge it with the existing bed (the butterfly plants will be removed).
  • Clean up the areas to the left and right of the steps from the parking lot to the school and install a base layer of 50/50 compost/topsoil and mulch for future plantings (this will be a crawling grass/ground cover type plant that will make the area pretty).
  • Lay pine straw around the base of all trees.
  • Weed and mulch the beds along the front of the school.
  • Remove/dispose of the four rotten picnic tables by the cafeteria.


Outside Pre-K Classrooms (Bus Lot Side):

  • Empty and prep two brick lined planting areas.
  • Clean up the planting area with the huge rosemary plant.
  • Dispose of all wooden benches, building new ones.


Outside Kindergarten Classrooms (Facing Middle Playground):

  • Empty and prep three flower/ plant beds.
  • Repair the corner of one brick-lined bed.
  • Clean up and prep two metal planting tubs.
  • Dispose of all wooden benches, building new ones.
  • Dispose of cinder blocks and allow area to re-grow and be mowed.


Between 2nd Grade and 4th Grade Hallways:

  • Clean up and prep beds.
  • Prep for new outdoor reading area.
  • Trim trees as needed.
  • Weed and mulch beds around school that are not filled with rocks for drainage.


Maura and Hillary, who formerly ran the agriculture program at the Community College in Pittsboro, will supply teachers with literature they can incorporate into their classroom activities. A few preliminary ideas include: 


  • Art - Invite students to paint pictures of the new flowers.
  • Science - Plan a lesson around why the bees like certain plants and not others.
  • History - Discuss how these plants became native to our area.


Please contact Jay at if you wish to help with this project. 


Note: This project is being funded by the PTA using monies from its approved 2019/20 budget.

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