PHS Environmental Impact Initiative
The PTA, in partnership with PHS teachers and administration, is excited to announce this exciting initiative! The goal of this program is to seek ways to guide students, parents and staff on how to make good environmental choices. By working through the STEM program at PHS, we will be identifying areas of opportunity to create student led solutions, which can then be used by everyone to work together to implement those solutions every day.
Program Kick Off, November 14th


Please join us at the next PTA meeting on Thursday, November 14th. Perry Harrison parent Dr. Diego Riveros-Iregui ( will be presenting ways PHS parents, staff, and students can make choices that impact the environment in a positive manner. 


The program will then commence in January 2020 and be focused around the following areas:

  • Reducing our cars' emissions by turning our cars off while waiting in pickup line at school.
  • Implementing a recycling and composting program in the PHS cafeteria.
  • Finding environmentally friendly ways to pack school lunches.
  • Reducing the volume of paper used at school.
  • Installation of a vegetable garden through a grant received from Whole Foods.
  • Installation of Native Root Plants in conjunction with Chatham Farm and Home Supply.



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