The Fuel Up at PHS food program provides backpacks of food to food insecure PHS students to meet their nutritional needs during weekends and breaks. Spring Break is coming and we could use your help with our Fill-A-Bag and Fund-A-Bag programs!


If you Fill-A-Bag, (or 2 or 3!) we provide a list of shelf-stable items and ask you to shop for those items for a specific (unnamed) child. Many of our previous Fill-A-Bag sponsors have said that this project is very meaningful for their families! 


If you Fund-A-Bag, (or 2 or 3!) you donate the amount of money it costs to purchase the items needed to fill the bag ($50), and we do the shopping for you. You can donate online here (credit cards accepted), send a check in your child's PHS folder, drop a check at the PHS front office or get it to us in the mail no later than  (Please be aware that we seek to cover the bags using Fill-A-Bag first as it decreases the workload on our Volunteers. If all or part of the students are covered via Fill-A-Bag, this money will then go to adding produce and perishables to the bags. Any remaining money will be applied to regular year round backpack fulfillment.)


We thank you for your consideration! Want more info about Fuel Up at Perry Harrison? See our website at