Outdoor Reading Area Project


The fourth grade team is leading the project to create an outdoor reading space that would allow students of ALL grades to spend more time outside. For years we have tried to do this because we know the benefits of having students outside more frequently; but the current lack of seating makes it hard for students to concentrate on a task for an extended period, limiting our ability to allow them outside to complete class work. As a solution, we would like to purchase two sets of seating to make reading and working outside something that we can build into the classroom routine.


The first set of seating would include lightweight, outdoor rated chairs that students could move around the outdoor space. This would allow for students to gather into groups for small discussions. They could also move all of the chairs into a large circle for whole group lessons or read aloud. Students would also have the flexibility to move their seats anywhere in the dedicated space during independent work time. Some of these chairs will be stationary, and others will rock, meeting the various needs of students, especially for independent reading time. These chairs can be stacked for easy storage. 


The second set of seating would include picnic tables where students could work collaboratively. These would be grouped together so that students are able to hear the teacher, but would keep them in small groups so that they have the ability to collaborate without being crowded. This would provide them with a surface to work/write on when a lesson/activity requires it. 


Creating these two spaces will allow teachers to bring their entire class outside for either independent or group work. And because there will be two separate spaces, we would expect two groups would be able to utilize this area at one time. 


The PHS PTA can underwrite some of the costs needed to support this wonderful initiative, but we require assistance from the broader PHS Family to make the full vision a reality. While we are happy to accept monetary donations earmarked for this project, we believe that people may be more inclined to purchase the specific items needed; so we are trying something new. 


Below are links to the items and quantities needed. If you make a purchase, please ship or deliver the item to school in care of Megan Runion, and email vicepresident@phspta.org so we know when to remove that item from this list.


Thank you in advance for helping us create innovative learning environments for our students!

Picnic Tables - 6 needed  $99.00 each on sale

4 Have Been Purchased! Need 2 More Please!








Outdoor Stationary Chairs - 20 needed  $14.98 each on sale

NOTE: All Have Been Purchased, Thank You!!!!





Outdoor Rocking Chairs – 10 needed - $19.99 each on sale

That's 50% OFF!!!

4 have been purchased, need 6 more please




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