Parenting in the digital age is complex. PTA Connected strives to help children act safely, responsibly and thoughtfully online. National PTA has been a partner to parents on digital parenting topics for over 5 years, exploring in-depth the issues that are on the minds of today’s families, and connecting parents with tools, research and supports to make the best decisions for their children. The following information and programs are provided by the National PTA; visit the National PTA website for this and more on safely navigating the digital world with your child.



What is Digital Wellness?


Digital wellness is being aware of how you spend your time online. It includes being mindful of your online presence and footprint; how you interact with social networks, games and apps; the ways you protect your identity; and how you balance your time online within your daily life.

Understanding digital wellness helps families play, learn, connect and grow together. As our world becomes increasingly digital, the solution doesn’t lie in eliminating technology. It’s about making technology work for you and actively evaluating how you use your devices to, ultimately, better yourself and the world around you.





Be Internet Awesome

To make the most of the Internet, families need to be prepared to make smart decisions. Google's Be Internet Awesome allows parents to explore their excitements and worries about raising children in a connected world and to work through discussion-based, parent-to-parent sessions on topics like password security and safe websites. 





The Smart Talk

The PTA connected with LifeLock to create The Smart Talk program. The Smart Talk empowers families to have honest conversations about digital well being and device usage by creating a personalized contract. The Smart Talk walks families through a series of guided questions to establish a digital safety conversation, which then creates a personalized agreement based on your answers. Once your agreement is complete, you can print it off, sign it, and hang it on the fridge so everyone remembers the ground rules.





Digital You

Digital You, created in collaboration with AT&T and Common Sense Media, helps you with privacy, safety and security as you connect online. AT&T wants to help people of all ages take advantage of the benefits of being online and to do so safely. Whether you are just learning about how you can use the internet, or if you are helping a young person navigate social media, Digital You® has the resources you need be successful.




Are you looking for...


...a way to start the conversation?

Check out: The Smart Talk, Facebook's Parent Portal, Be Internet Awesome Family Guides



...resources to give your child?

Check out: Interland, Digital Safety Resources, Facebook's Youth Portal, Bullying Prevention Hub, Digital Literacy Library to oversee your child's internet use?

Check out: Family Link, Facebook's Parent Portal





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