Meet our 2020/2021 School Administration





Mrs. Amy Doty - Principal

Dr. John Heath - Assistant Principal

Ms. Tokae Washington - School Treasurer

Ms. Rebecca Johnson - Student Information Manager



Mrs. Amy Doty







FAVORITES for Mrs. Doty


Birthday: June 7
Teaching Anniversary:  
What makes me smile:  children laughing
Favorite color:  teal
Favorite hobby:  playing tennis
Favorite school supply:  gel pens
Favorite flower:  stargazer lily
Favorite sports team:  Tarheels!
Favorite breakfast treat:  coffee latte
Favorite candy:  Twix
Favorite drink:  coffee latte
Favorite snack:  smoked almonds
Favorite dessert:  creme brulee
Favorite store:  Amazon, Homegoods, Nordstroms, Old Navy, Target, TJ Maxx, Whole Foods, World Market
Favorite restaurants:  Al's Burger Shack, Cold Stone Creamery, Maggiano's, Starbucks
Favorite place to go:  the mountains




Dr. John Heath


Assistant Principal





FAVORITES for Dr. Heath


Birthday: April 30
Teaching Anniversary:  1997
What makes me smile: People becoming invested in the community!
Favorite color: Carolina Blue
Favorite hobby: UNC Sports
Favorite school supply: Post-it Notes
Favorite flower: Chyrsanthemum
Favorite sports team: UNC Tarheels
Favorite breakfast treat: Pop Tarts
Favorite candy: Gummy Bears
Favorite drink: Diet Pepsi & Fresh Brewed Iced Tea
Favorite snack: Cheese & crackers
Favorite dessert: Ice cream & apple pie
Favorite store: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Target, Wal-Mart, Weaver Street, Whole Foods
Favorite restaurants: Al's Burger Shack, Cheesecake Factory, Chilis, Subway
Favorite place to go: Downtown Durham and Raleigh



Ms. Tokae Washington


School Treasurer








FAVORITES for Ms. Washington


Birthday: October 17th
Teaching Anniversary: n/a 
What makes me smile: My family and funny notes- I usually smile all the time! 
Favorite color: Light pink and Carolina blue 
Favorite hobby:

Cooking, shopping, spending time with friends/family 

Favorite school supply: Post it sticky notes 
Favorite flower: Sunflower 
Favorite sports team: UNC 
Favorite breakfast treat: Bagels with fruit 
Favorite candy: Snickers 
Favorite drink: Ginger ale 
Favorite snack: Cheese nips 
Favorite dessert: Brownies / cheesecake 
Favorite store: Target - Walmart - Belk 
Favorite restaurants: Cheesecake Factory & Olive Garden 
Favorite place to go: Beach, spa 




Ms. Rebecca Johnson


Student Information Manager






FAVORITES for Ms. Johnson


Birthday: March 24
Teaching Anniversary: Started at PHS - 10/5/15 
What makes me smile: My boys, watching kids learn new things
Favorite color: Turquoise 
Favorite hobby: Shopping
Favorite school supply: Pens, post-it notes
Favorite flower: Tulips
Favorite sports team: UVA
Favorite breakfast treat: Bo-Berry biscuit
Favorite candy: Reeses cups
Favorite drink: Mt. Dew, sweet tea, caramel frappe
Favorite snack: Plain Lay's chips
Favorite dessert: Cheesecake
Favorite store: Target, Belk, Kohls
Favorite restaurants: Outback Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Chick Fil-A
Favorite place to go: BEACH!































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