Ms. Brenda Caverly - Cafeteria Manager

Ms. Danielle Cranford - Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Rita Ellis - Custodian

Mr. Ronnie Gilmore - Custodian




Ms. Brenda Caverly - Cafeteria Manager

I grew up in NH and, after moving to other states, finally settled in NC about 20 years ago in the hopes of enjoying the season's without winter 10 months of the year! I have two boys, Carl -16 years old and Rus almost 15 years old and they couldn't be more different! Both are my heart for very different reasons and both keep me incredibly busy. I have 3 19 1/2 year old cats still with me (Tux, Ashes, Oscar) and Midnight, my 12 year old lab/great dane mix - yes I run a geriatric ward! I work two jobs, have a to-do list a mile long that never seems to get shorter and a long list of places I want to see with my boys before they leave the nest (which I dread!).


FAVORITES for Ms. Caverly




What makes me smile: My kids, animals, crafts, traveling, kindness
Favorite color:  Green & Pink
Favorite hobby:  Camping, hiking, cake decorating, sewing, handmade specialty cards, counted cross stitch
Favorite school supply:  Post-it's, line decoration items, erasers
Favorite flower:  Lilac
Favorite sports team:  New England Patriots
Favorite breakfast treat:  Cinnamon Raisin Bagels, Cranberry Flax Oatmeal, Egg Burrito, family recipe pancakes, scones and waffles
Favorite candy:  Kit Kat, Snickers, Hot Tamales, Sweet Tarts
Favorite drink:  Water, Diet Pepsi, plain hot tea, chai latte tea
Favorite snack:  Fruit, Cheese-its
Favorite dessert:  Pecan Pie, Cheesecake
Favorite store:  Amazon, Michaels, Walmart, Tuesday Mornings, Hobby Lobby
Favorite restaurants:  Kanki, Olive Garden, Cheesecake Factory
Favorite place to go:  TN, South Dakota (most anywhere out west), cruises (does wanting to go to Australia count?!), my kids competitions and activities



Ms. Danielle Cranford - Cafeteria Staff

I have lived in Chatham county most of my life. I went to Silk Hope and Jordan Matthews. I have 4 kids Joshua 26, Michaela 23, Jeremiah 14, and Lane, 8.   I like Native American Culture, and my favorite animal are wolves. I love to make people laugh. As well as getting a good laugh. I love animals- in fact, I went to college to be a veterinarian, but became a Mom instead. I am more of a tomboy.




What makes me smile:  My family  
Favorite color:  Blue  
Favorite hobby:    
Favorite school supply: Pens  
Favorite flower:  Dogwood  
Favorite sports team: Tar Heels  
Favorite breakfast treat: Bacon & eggs  
Favorite candy: Reeses Cups & Hershey Bars  
Favorite drink: Pepsi  
Favorite snack: Combos, cheddar & pretzel  
Favorite dessert: Cheesecake  
Favorite store: Harley Davidson  
Favorite restaurants: Italian   
Favorite place to go: Mountains


Ms. Rita Ellis - Custodian



FAVORITES for Ms. Ellis...coming soon!


Birthday:  1/5
What makes me smile:  My Grandkids  
Favorite color: Purple  
Favorite hobby: Hunting  
Favorite school supply:  
Favorite flower: Carnations  
Favorite sports team: Carolina  
Favorite breakfast treat: Pancakes  
Favorite candy:Hershey Bars  
Favorite drink: Diet Mountain Dew  
Favorite snack: Goldfish  
Favorite dessert: Pecan Pie  
Favorite store: Walmart/Hobby Lobby  
Favorite restaurants: San Felipe  
Favorite place to go: Mountains  



Mr. Ronnie Gilmore - Custodian



FAVORITES for Mr. Gilmore


Birthday:  6/3
What makes me smile: Being friendly and Loving All no matter how hard the task may seem
Favorite color:  Caroline Blue
Favorite hobby:  Family Time
Favorite school supply:  N/A
Favorite flower:  N/A
Favorite sports team:  UNC, Cowboys
Favorite breakfast treat:  Big breakfast Platters
Favorite candy:  Milk chocolate candy bars, Reeces cups
Favorite drink:  Folgers Coffee, Sprite
Favorite snack:  Honey Buns, Donuts
Favorite dessert:  Ice cream, pound cake, fruit pies
Favorite store:  Wal-mart, Kohls, TJMax, Marshalls, Target
Favorite restaurants:  Texas Roadhouse, Golden Corral, Cracker Barrel
Favorite place to go:  Movies, Amusement Park, Zoo


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