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Dianna Poindexter, AIG
Mary Lantz, EC

Marijean Young, ESL

Donna Stevenson, Reading Specialist

Nancy Lepine, Speech Language

Christina Lowman, Curriculum Coach

Kayly Lindley, Nurse

Cassandra Millman, Social Worker





Ms. Dianna Poindexter, AIG


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Words to live by:  Why Fit in When You Were Born to STAND OUT?  Dr. Seuss

FAVORITES for Ms. Poindexter


Birthday: June 1st
Teaching Anniversary: August
What makes me smile: Special notes or hugs from students 
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite hobby: Tennis, reading, hiking
Favorite school supply: Colorful clips
Favorite flower: Daisy
Favorite sports team: OU Sooner or Duke
Favorite breakfast treat: Donuts
Favorite candy: Dark chocolate
Favorite drink: Diet Pepsi
Favorite snack: Almonds
Favorite dessert: Brownies
Favorite store: Target
Favorite restaurants: Root Cellar
Favorite place to go: Ocean



Ms. Mary Lantz, EC

My name is Mary Lantz. I live with my husband and teenage daughter. We also have several animals at our house. We have dogs, goats, pigs, a cat, turkeys, and chickens. We live on a little farm and I love to work on it in my free time.


FAVORITES for Ms. Lantz


Birthday:  January 14
Teaching Anniversary:  
What makes me smile:  My family and my animals
Favorite color:  Green
Favorite hobbies: Reading, writing stories and poetry, being outside with all of my animals, walking on trails
Favorite school supplies:  Pens & notebooks
Favorite flower:  Daisies
Favorite sports teams:  Washington Football Team and Orioles
Favorite breakfast treat:  Donuts & Bagels
Favorite candy:  Gummy Bears
Favorite drink:  Water, coffee, ginger ale
Favorite snack:  Cinnamon Graham Crackers
Favorite dessert:  Cookies
Favorite store:  Target & World Market
Favorite restaurants:
Longhorn, BBQ places, and Hibachi places
Favorite place to go:  Mountains & Beach




Ms. Marijean Young, ESL


FAVORITES for Ms. Young...Coming Soon!


Teaching Anniversary:  
What makes me smile:  
Favorite color:  
Favorite hobby:  
Favorite school supply:  
Favorite flower:  
Favorite sports team:  
Favorite breakfast treat:  
Favorite candy:  
Favorite drink:  
Favorite snack:  
Favorite dessert:  
Favorite store:  
Favorite restaurants:  
Favorite place to go:  




Ms. Donna Stevenson, Reading Specialist


Class Website


FAVORITES for Ms. Stevenson


Birthday: March 5th
Teaching Anniversary: August 1995
What makes me smile: Sweet heart-felt notes, surprises, books, music, sunshine
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite hobby: Reading
Favorite school supply: Sticky notes and pens
Favorite flower: Sunflower
Favorite sports team: UNC Tarheels
Favorite breakfast treat: doughnut
Favorite candy:

Hershey Bar with Almonds

Favorite drink: Mello yello, water
Favorite snack: Nuts, cheese, peanut butter
Favorite dessert: Cheesecake
Favorite store: Amazon
Favorite restaurants: Cheesecake Factory, Olive Garden, PF Changs, Red Lobster
Favorite place to go: Beach!




Ms. Nancy Lepine, Speech Language


FAVORITES for Ms. Lepine


Birthday: November 8th
Teaching Anniversary: January 2014 @ PHS!
What makes me smile: Helping kids, spending time with my kids 
Favorite color: Purple 
Favorite hobby: Going to the movies; going to the gym 
Favorite school supply: Lined Sticky notes 
Favorite flower: Any! 
Favorite sports team: Winnipeg Jets - Carolina Panthers 
Favorite breakfast treat: Coffee 
Favorite candy: Jolly Ranchers 
Favorite drink: Diet Coke 
Favorite snack: Peanut Butter Cups 
Favorite dessert: Anything chocolate 
Favorite store: Amazon, Nordstrom 
Favorite restaurants: Mexican! Outback, Carolina Brewery 
Favorite place to go: Movies!  Silverspot 




Ms. Christina Doyle   








FAVORITES for Ms. Doyle...


Birthday: April 19th
Teaching Anniversary: August 2005
What makes me smile: Positive notes, surprises, smiles
Favorite color: pastel rainbow colors
Favorite hobby: Disney, reading
Favorite school supply: Fun pens and pencils, sticky notes
Favorite flower: Lilies
Favorite sports team: UNC
Favorite breakfast treat: Everything
Favorite candy: Chocolate
Favorite drink: water, root beer, Caribou coffee
Favorite snack: crackers and chips
Favorite dessert: Everything
Favorite store: Amazon, Target
Favorite restaurants: Anywhere local to Chapel Hill or PHS
Favorite place to go: Disney, everywhere!



Ms. Kayly Lindley, Nurse


FAVORITES for Ms. Lindley


Birthday:  Nov. 25
Other Gift Favorites:  Earrings, gloves, socks, ear phones
What makes me smile:  Weekends!
Favorite color:  Purple
Favorite hobby:  Read, exercise, watch tv
Favorite school supply:  Colored Pencils
Favorite flower:  Roses
Favorite sports team:  N/A
Favorite breakfast treat:  Bagels
Favorite candy:  Twizzlers
Favorite drink:  Diet Dr. Pepper
Favorite snack:  Cheetos
Favorite dessert:  Any cobbler
Favorite store:  Kirklands, Old Navy, 5 below
Favorite restaurants:  PF Chang's, Cheesecake Factory, Haley Bales
Favorite place to go:  Beach




Ms. Cassy Millman, Social Worker


FAVORITES for Ms. Millman


Birthday:  March 23
What makes me smile:  My family, puppies, happy students, sunshine and acts of kindness
Favorite color:  Blue, grey, yellow
Favorite hobby:  Yoga, reading, hiking, traveling
Favorite school supply:  Fidgets, weighted lap pads, books about feelings and social skills
Favorite flower:  Hydrangeas
Favorite sports team:  The Chicago Bears
Favorite breakfast treat:  Muffins, Biscuit and egg sandwiches
Favorite candy:  Anything with chocolate, caramel and nuts
Favorite drink:  Lacroix, coconut water
Favorite snack:  Nachos
Favorite dessert:  Vanilla Cake
Favorite store:  Target, Trader Joes
Favorite restaurants:  Alpaca, Chipotle, Jimmy Johns
Favorite place to go:  Parks, Beaches, Mountains

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