Ms. Abbey Drechsler - Art

Ms. Leann Munoz - Guidance

Ms. Melanie Spell - Media Center

Mr. David Smith - Music

Ms. Diana Bowling - Physical Education





Ms. Abbey Drechsler, Art


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FAVORITES for Ms. Drechsler


Birthday: December 8th
Teaching Anniversary:  
What makes me smile: Happy artist & bad jokes!
Favorite color: Orange
Favorite hobby: Puzzles and trivia
Favorite school supply: Paper! Any sort of paper of paper... big paper, small paper, scrap paper, watercolor paper
Favorite flower: Anything bright and colorful
Favorite sports team: Towson Tigers & UNC Tarheels
Favorite breakfast treat: Cinnamon Rolls or Doughnuts
Favorite candy: Riessens
Favorite drink: Ginger Ale or Bubble Team (when I can find it)
Favorite snack: Popcorn
Favorite dessert: Eclairs or Ice Cream
Favorite store: Amazon, Food Lion, Old Navy, Target
Favorite restaurants: Cold Stone Creamery, Maggianos, Starbucks
Favorite place to go: Maryland (home) or the Thousand Islands in NY!



Ms. Leann Munoz, Guidance

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Welcome! This is my seventh year working at Perry Harrison Elementary. I have been a school counselor for over 22 years.

I received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida in 1993 - GO GATORS! I also received a Master of Science in School Guidance and Counselor from Nova Southeastern University in 1996. I have worked as a counselor at all 3 levels of education - elementary, middle and high school. I have also worked hard to become a National Board Professional Teacher in 2015.

I am married and have two children. I enjoy traveling, reading, watching movies and attending Gator football games.

I love working with children, parents and teachers in order to help our students experience success every day they come to Perry Harrison!



FAVORITES for Ms. Munoz


Birthday: February 12th
Teaching Anniversary: August 1996
What makes me smile: Any sweet gesture
Favorite color: Purple
Favorite hobby: reading, watching movies, watching Gators
Favorite school supply: sticky notes/paper for lists
Favorite flower: any
Favorite sports team: Florida Gators
Favorite breakfast treat: breakfast bars to put in the snack bins for kids at school who need one (I'm not a big breakfast person)
Favorite candy: Reeses
Favorite drink: cold mocha Starbucks coffee
Favorite snack: popcorn
Favorite dessert: anything
Favorite store: Amazon,Target
Favorite restaurants: Cheesecake Factory
Favorite place to go: the beach



Ms. Melanie Spell, Media


FAVORITES for Ms. Spell


Birthday:  1/5
Teaching Anniversary:  
What makes me smile: Seeing kids find a book they enjoy. Spending time with my family.
Favorite color: Carolina Blue
Favorite hobby: Spending time with my family, visiting Restores, home projects
Favorite school supply: Books and sharpies
Favorite flower: Calla Lily
Favorite sports team: Tarheels
Favorite breakfast treat:
Coffee with French Vanilla creamer
Favorite candy: Three Musketeers 
Favorite drink: diet coke
Favorite snack: Trail Mix
Favorite dessert: Chocolate layer cake
Favorite store: Restore, Hobby Lobby, Ross, Burkes, Ollies
Favorite restaurants: Al's Diner in Pittsboro, Chic Fil A, New Japan, Papa Johns, Outback
Favorite place to go:  beach




Mr. David Smith, Music








FAVORITES for Mr. Smith


Birthday: August 21st
Teaching Anniversary: 1998
What makes me smile: My family & kids
Favorite color: Blue
Favorite hobby: Reading
Favorite school supply: White out EZ correct strips
Favorite flower: Sunflowers
Favorite sports team: UNC
Favorite breakfast treat: Pop Tarts
Favorite candy: Snickers
Favorite drink: Starbucks Cold Mocha
Favorite snack: Sun Chips & Veggie Straws
Favorite dessert: Ice Cream
Favorite store: Ebay
Favorite restaurants: Firehouse Subs
Favorite place to go: The Beach



Ms. Diana Bowling, Physical Education


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Hi! I'm Diana Bowling and I truly enjoy teaching PE at our school, where the value of including physical activity and nutrition in a child's education is fully appreciated by our teachers and families! I have 2 children that attend Perry Harrison and one in middle school, and my husband is a school administrator in the county. I'm in my 7th year here, but its my 20th year of teaching in North Carolina. My teaching goal is to expose our students to as many physical activity and sport options as possible throughout the year. My hope is that they'll discover a few that they truly enjoy and want to experience outside of class as well...and that's where a lifetime of physical activity begins! Please join us throughout the year as we offer special events that focus on being physically active for both students and their families: Eat a Rainbow Week, Boosterthon's Fun Run, Jump Rope for Heart, Mariner 5K & Obstacle Course and Field Days! Engaging in physical activity as a family can be a fun way to get EVERYONE moving!!


FAVORITES for Ms. Bowling


Birthday: August 18th
Teaching Anniversary:  
What makes me smile: Watching a kid (or anyone) succeed at something for the first time!
Favorite color: Light blue
Favorite hobby: Watching my kids play sports, dance, etc.
Favorite school supply: Scotch tape, band-aids
Favorite flower: Rose
Favorite sports team: Tarheels, Red Sox
Favorite breakfast treat: Biscuit - sausage & cheese
Favorite candy: Peanut butter Snickers
Favorite drink: Sweet tea
Favorite snack: Cheese Its
Favorite dessert: Chocolate cake
Favorite store: Amazon, Kohls, Target, Wal-Mart
Favorite restaurants: Chilis, Outback Steakhouse
Favorite place to go: UNC baseball games




















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