Did you know that volunteering at the Thrift Shop is our school’s biggest money maker? In past years, we’ve brought in close to $26,000. That’s a big chunk of the PTA’s budget, yet a drop in the bucket compared to other Chatham County schools, some of which have brought in nearly $50,000. Wow! Imagine what our school could do with an extra $10,000, $20,000 or $30,000!



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How do we make money?


Each year, all participating Chatham County Schools get a share of the Thrift Shop's profits, based upon the number of volunteer hours each school logs.  More volunteer hours = more money for our school!


Why is the Thrift Shop so important?


The money we get through logged hours at the Thrift Shop accounts for about 40% or more of our overall PTA budget.  This money allows our teachers to attend professional conferences, pays for school field trips, and has provided technology to classrooms. 


There are 4 ways to volunteer at the Thrift Shop


1. Volunteering in the Store – PHS schedules 2 or 3 volunteer sessions each month that we staff with parents and friends of PHS. Volunteering is a great way to meet other PHS parents and can be fun, especially when you bring along a friend. Once there, you will straighten clothes on racks, sort items, hang clothes and maybe vacuum or wash windows. Sessions are typically 2 hours and the dates/schedule can be found on our website: www.phspta.org.  If you can’t make the scheduled PHS sessions, you can volunteer anytime - just call the store to set it up. Don’t forget to designate your time to PHS before you leave the store.


BONUS: After working at least one hour, you get 50 percent off books, toys, games, and non-boutique clothes and shoes for up to $25 worth of items. You are also allowed to take advantage of whatever specials are on the board for that day.


2. Thrift Shop Supervisor - Would you be interested in leading a thrift shop session and earning 2x the amount of hours for our school?  After just a couple hours of training you will be able to lead sessions - completely up to you the number that you would work - maybe 1-2 sessions a month?  Contact Emily (thriftshop@phspta.org) for more information.


3. Do a Load of Laundry – Pick up laundry at the Thrift Shop to wash and dry (no folding required) at your convenience. Return it to the store and you’ve earned 2 hours per load for PHS. You can do this one time or monthly. Sign up on the PTA website, but do call the store before you go to make sure they have laundry to be done.


4. Empty the PHS Drop Box – PHS has a Thrift Shop drop box in front of the school near the car rider drop off/pick up spot. The key to the drop box is in the office, and you just pick up the items (or as much as you can handle) and take it up to the store. Once there, you’ll sort the items (a store employee will help if it’s your first time), and you’ll earn PHS double time (including your travel time)! Don’t forget to designate your time to PHS before you leave the store.


How does my time help my child's teacher and the PTA?


Our volunteer hours equal money for our PTA and for our teachers. Each September we receive a check from the Thrift Shop based on the number of hours our school volunteered. (As well as the number of hours volunteered in Chatham County as a whole. 40% of profits are distributed evenly across schools and 60% is distributed based on volunteer hours.) The money we receive is used to provide teacher grants, pay for field trips, purchase technology for the school, and so much more! All you have to do is volunteer, record your hours, and then choose what teacher, grade, or program you would like to receive the money for your hours.  



Chatham Crossing (formerly Cole Park Plaza)

11500 US 15-501 Hwy N, Chapel Hill, NC 27517

(919) 969.9457


If you have questions about how to get involved, please email Emily at thriftshop@phspta.org!