Dear Mariner Families,


We are all looking forward to the new school year, full of opportunities and challenges to support our students, teachers, staff and community. Our role as a PTA organization is to consistently provide the assistance and guidance necessary to better our school. More importantly - we want to make volunteering at PHS FUN!


My goal this year is to be very transparent. Let's get something out of the way - we are all busy, moving in many directions with many conflicting priorities. We are all working hard and not left with a ton of time or energy to give.


The other side of the transparency is the current state of public education. We need to fully understand the lack of funding and support our schools are getting in a time when growth is exponential. The tools, training and technology our schools need to grow and prosper are not only vast but extremely expensive.


This is where the PHS PTA steps in. We may have varying opinions on the support of our government toward public education but what we can agree on is that TODAY we are the group that needs to step up and support our students, teachers and school. This leads us into our role as a PTA in 2018.


We are not your grandma's PTA! Let's forget the vision of bake sales and sock hops driving a few hundred dollars and instead focus on what we need to drive these days: raising $60k+ for our school. Some examples of what we are supplying the school and the teachers:


  • Professional development so our teachers can deliver project-based learning initiatives (STEM focus)
  • Professional development around new tools and technologies that our students need to have the skills to use
  • New keyboard for our music department and support for the A/V system in the multimedia room
  • A new climbing wall for the gym thanks to the 5K and obstacle course!
  • Technology for the classrooms and grade levels (chrome books, other tools)
  • And much more (you can review the 2016-17 budget for details)


Now that you understand WHY it's imperative to get involved - TAKE ACTION!

  1. JOIN THE PTA! It's easy and doesn't cost much!
  2. Find your volunteering niche - while we are looking for leaders we also need folks who have an hour here and an hour there! It doesn't need to be a part time job!
  3. STRIVE FOR FIVE INITIATIVE -  We are strongly asking every family to commit to giving a minimum of five hours over the course of the year (or more). Please choose something that works for you - assisting at an event, helping in a classroom, doing some tasks at home, we can find you something!       Once a family completes this requirement, they fill out their commitment card, attach a family photo and get added to the Mariner Ship in the school! Our goal is to get as close to 100% participation as possible!
  4. Let's have FUN - PTA volunteering should not be a chore, it should be a joy to know what we are accomplishing for the next generation and the people that support them.
  5. Important - if we fail to get enough volunteers for these events or programs, our ability to run them will be in jeopardy. As Board members, we are dedicated to our roles but cannot fill all positions!   We believe strongly this won't be an issue!


Lastly, we are all volunteers working in an attempt to create a better environment for our kiddos and our school. Please take some time to review the mission and goals we established for this year. If at any time you have a thought, idea, question or even concern, please do not hesitate to get in touch! Our only ask is that if you have a concern or complaint, please come with a solution!




Your 2018-19 PTA President - Heather Stober