By joining the PTA, you help our school meet needs that are outside the scope of the budget. Our PTA funds many things throughout the school - supplies for staff, cultural events, staff appreciation, curriculum, technology and MORE!


When you go a step further and volunteer to help with event you set a fine example for our students to follow, and greatly encourage our teachers and staff.




PTA memberships range from $10 for an individual to $20 for family (dual). 


You can also choose to kick start 2018-19 by donating more by becoming a Teal ($50), Silver ($100) or Gold ($150) member!  Be the difference that makes the difference!



 If I join, do I have to?

  • Go to meetings?
    No. You are welcome to attend our general meetings though. There are times we need a quorum of members for votes!

  • Volunteer or spend a lot of time at school?
    Nope! Joining the PTA is not the same as volunteering. If you choose to volunteer we would LOVE the help—but volunteering is not required.