Q&A With Principals Mrs. Doty and Dr. Savage

From the June 2nd PTA Meeting





Q: Will PHS have two Pre-K classes? (As of now, there will be one at PHS and one at CGE.)


Q: When do you expect to learn about special and resource teacher allotments? (Not known at this time.)


Q: Does the county have any plans for updates in older schools at this time? (There is a “facility request” process that schools go through each year so there is a system in place for schools to request that.)


Q: Any update on school nurses? (will find out more in the next few weeks when they find out school allotments)


Q: If there are new students in Briar Chapel where do they register? (They need to go do that at PHS if before July 1. After that registration will happen at CGE.)


Q: Given that we will have a different summer, what resources will be available to parents/students over the summer? (The district is hoping to keep all digital resources live over the summer. More to come on this from Mrs. Doty.)


Q: Is there a school safety officer? (There will be one at each school; at elementary schools it isn’t full time however.) *Julie mentioned it would be good for parents to know there are safety officers so the community is aware. 


Q: Will there be a crossing guard for CGE? (Dr. Savage looking into that and will post in FAQ document when he knows more.)


Q: What is the plan for busing? (Those details aren’t out yet but what we do know is that every student will have access to a bus if needed. To be determined if schools will share buses.)


Q: Will the school hours change for PHS if bus routes are shared? (They don’t anticipate that.)


Q: Will there be bike racks at CGE? (yes!) 


Q: Is there field play space for CGE? Where will outdoor school activities be held? (There are three small fields between each wing, one is open, others have playground equipment. Dr. Savage and the PE teacher will work on a recess schedule. Remember that there is a large multipurpose room as well. Dr. Savage said there is also a field on school grounds that he is hoping to have fenced in to be utilized.) *Dr. Savage will add this info to the FAQ resource. 


Q: When do we need to turn in our school laptops from PHS? (Mrs. Doty received word that those are not to be turned in yet in case students need them over the summer. There isn’t a date on when they need to be turned in.)


Q: Will there be YMCA after school care at both schools? (There will be at Chatham Grove. Mrs. Doty will look into YMCA details for PHS.) *when they know this it will also be updated on the FAQ page.


Q: How will class assignments be communicated for CGE? (It will be communicated shortly before school starts. Dates for that and an open house will be announced soon. Teachers will know what grade level they will be in within the next two weeks so they can move into their classrooms.)


Q: What accommodations will need to be made for Covid 19? (That will come out closer to the time from the superintendent.)


Q: If a CGE teacher from PHS moves up a grade level is either an option to request your child stay with them? (Parents cannot request a specific teacher.)


Q: Any plans for extra mental health support for kids who may be anxious about COVID? (Yes that is something the county is thinking about and will have in place in the fall.)

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