Welcome to the 2017-18 school year wonderful Mariner teachers! We are so excited to see all the returning faces and the new ones as well!




Perry Harrison is a great school in a growing community filled with people from all over the world! We, the PTA are very excited to partner with you, the administration, teachers and staff on building an even better school and experience for our students!


Being successful in the world today requires that we, the PTA, help our school grow and prosper through participation and funding. We cannot do it alone.  We need YOU to accomplish the goals we have this year.  We need your experience, your input, your thoughts, your concerns (with an action plan) and most of all – YOUR PARTICIPATION!


What is the PTA?


The PHS Parent Teacher Association (PTA) drives community events and fundraisers throughout the year to support our agreed upon strategic goals. You have great ideas to keep learning engaging and innovative for our children and we realize that funding is not often available. The money raised by the PTA will bridge that gap!


2017-18 Goals of the PTA!


  • BUILD A STRONG COMMUNITY - Build an integrated community between the school, staff, teachers, students, parents and other key stakeholders! We will strive to build UNITY and drive community OUTREACH through everything we do!
  • PROMOTE INNOVATION - Align with the strategic goals of the school by supporting professional development and project-based learning that transform the experience of each student and teacher! This also includes innovation for specials and other areas that need to modernize their tools to improve the overall learning experience!
  • SUPPORTING THE SCHOOL’S NEED FOR INCREASED TECHNOLOGY – Drive fundraising (through events, business sponsorships and grants) that will allow us to get more technology into the hands of our teachers and students!





REGISTER FOR THE NEW PTA WEBSITE!  www.phspta.org – we have an entirely new site that will keep you up to date on everything PTA and school related! Sign up online so you get our weekly newsletter chock full of great stuff. We welcome contribution to it as well – we will have a Teacher Spotlight!



GET A PTA STAFF/FACULTY MEMBERSHIP! We have a huge goal to get 100% parent membership and we would like to match that for you. Special faculty rate is only $5! With membership you can vote on the items that impact our school! You can sign up at www.phspta.org or via the membership form in your packet.


SUBMIT YOUR SPECIAL BUDGET REQUESTS!  Every year teachers and staff have the opportunity to submit a special budget request to the PTA. We want you to dream big for your classroom and your professional development. A special budget request form with more details is in your packet. They are due back to the PTA by Friday, 9/1.


BECOME A PTA REP! This year we are looking for a teacher from each grade to participate as a rep in the PTA. We previously did one for K-2 and one for 3-5 but we have decided we need more involvement. We will have dial-in information for the meetings so you don’t even have to be live for meetings (although we love it)!




Teacher Supply Grants - The PTA has made it a priority to provide supply grants to every full-time PHS teacher. Last year returning teachers received $150 (new teachers - $250) to use towards classroom materials. The amount may vary from year to year, but know that making these funds available to you is a priority for the PTA. We plan to keep these in place and will confirm through the budget meeting on 9/5 (please come)!


Teacher Supplies - We aim to help you with a few needed classroom supplies (as well as any students who may be in need). We do not want you to spend your hard earned money on classroom staples. The PTA has a few supplies stocked for you and for students in need. Should you need items please email Kristen at secretary@phspta.org!


Parent Representative – Our goal is that each classroom has a Parent Representative. The PTA has a Parent Pre Coordinator (Jamie Swaine) who will help organize the efforts. Their job is to help make PTA and classroom events, activities and communication easier on you. Parent Reps can assist you in making a classroom directory, coordinating classroom volunteers, organizing teacher/assistant gifts, and coordinating thrift shop work nights for your classroom. Parent Reps will also help organize parent volunteers for your classroom.


OUR REQUEST!  ASK FOR SOMEONE TO DO THIS IN THE FIRST 2 WEEKS OF SCHOOL & SEND THEIR INFORMATION TO parentrep@phspta.org! Remember – the more collaborative we are between the PTA and the teachers, the more we can accomplish!





PTA Thrift Shop - The Chatham County Thrift Shop is our school’s biggest fundraiser. Each year, all participating Chatham County Schools get a share of the Thrift Shop’s profits based on the number of volunteer hours each school logs. More volunteer hours = more money for our school and your classroom.  We anticipate bringing in a check close to $26,000 this year!!!  That’s a large portion of the PTA’s budget (we raise over $50K).  Many of our teachers were able to attend conferences, purchase iPads and other resources to help supplement classroom learning.



  1. Each year, teachers have the opportunity to earn money for their own classroom through the Thrift Shop (but not many take it)!
  2. Every time you, your classroom families, students (age 10 and up), or friends volunteer for a Thrift Shop work night, YOUR NAME CAN BE LISTED FOR THEIR TIME WORKED & YOU GET THOSE FUNDS THE NEXT MONTH!
  3. Volunteers make a MINIMUM of $6/hour (often it’s more) for you when working at the Thrift Shop!

Example… if you want something for your classroom that is $200 – you can have a work night just for your class (up to 14 volunteers people per 2 hour

session) and you will be 84% to that goal!



  1. Schedule a work night with your parent rep and we will put a volunteer sign-up online! Being present at the Thrift Shop work night would bring more parents! Our school already has dates – just pick one for your class!
  2. During the year we also have Thrift Shop events where you can earn hours by helping us plan, prepare for and implement the event. This year these events will include a fashion show and a Holiday parade float. Look for more information throughout the year on ways to help with these events.


More PTA Easy Fundraisers... There are many different ways to raise money for our school – and most don’t take much time or coast anything at all. The attached flyer provides a list of super easy ways you can help PHS and your classroom.


We are pumped to take on this exciting challenge – are you with us??? We hope so! It will take all hands on deck to drive the growth we want and need! I encourage you to reach out to us anytime – email, text, whatever! Just keep in mind, if you have a complaint – come with a solution!


Heather Stober, PTA President                      president@phspta.org                (919) 986-1545

Stephanie Olness, PTA Vice-President          Vicepresident@phspta.org

Kristen Harrington, PTA Secretary                 Secretary@phspta.org

Miah Gabreski, PTA Treasurer                       Treasurer@phspta.org